Halderberge oozes history and architecture

Halderberge is a true gem for those looking for cultural activities. Undiscovered, making it all the more interesting. Discover what pastor Helleman’s love for Roman life brought about in Oudenbosch. Admire the work of architect Pierre Cuypers and let the story of Oudenbosch surprise you during a tour with one of our guides. 

Extraordinary building with extraordinary stories

In Halderberge you’ll find a number of extraordinary buildings with an even more extraordinary background. “Wow, how did a building like that end up in this village?” surely is one of the most frequent heard statements during a guided tour through the town of Oudenbosch. And our guides are more than happy to explain everything. You’ll definitely want to experience this piece of history when visiting Halderberge. 

Italy in West-Brabant

Oudenbosch is a place you definitely shouldn’t miss out on when visiting West-Brabant. And it’s actually impossible to ignore, because you can already spot two domes towering over the Brabant village when riding on the highway. The highest one belongs to the Basilica of Oudenbosch. A huge building for a village like Oudenbosch, and yet still 16x smaller than the original. It’s a replica of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The Basilica can be visited 7 days a week. Would you like to know more or discover the Basilica on your own?
It is a replica of St Peter's in Rome. The Basilica can be visited 7 days a week. Want to know more or explore the Basilica on your own? Book either a guided tour or an audio tour.

The second dome requires a bit of search when walking through the village, but behind the walls of a former boarding school, you’ll find the chapel of St. Louis. The chapel is adjacent to the ‘Great Cour’, a beautiful courtyard where you’ll imagine yourself standing in a picturesque Italian village. The guides at St. Louis will happily tell you more about its history during a guided tour..

Oudenbosch also has two extraordinary museums: The Zouaves Museum and The Museum for Natural History and Ethnology.

Churches, mansions, seminary

Halderberge in addition to Oudenbosch, consists of 4 other villages, which are certainly worth a visit to experience culture. Oud Gastel has a beautiful church and the Mastboomhuis. The latter is the house of a mayoral family. After the death of its last resident, Henry Mastboom, in 1999, everything was left exactly as it was.

Hoeven , it’s definitely worth taking a walk through the old village centre. It’s a walk along beautiful buildings, with Seminar Bovendonkbeing the absolute highlight. It’s a building designed by architect Pierre Cuypers, who’s also the architect of the Basilica in Oudenbosch.

In addition to experiencing culture, Halderberge is also an excellent destination for lovers of nature and adventure. 

Tourist Information Halderberge

Oudenbosch has several highlights and museums that are worth a visit. But Halderberge has so much more to offer during your visit to West-Brabant. You can find all the information you need at the Tourist Information Halderberge located in the Oudenbosch trainstation, especially about Halderberge or West-Brabant. Our volunteers will be happy to help you!

All tips for a day filled with culture in Halderberge