Strolling through little Italy, simply in Oudenbosch

Cultuur snuiven en tegelijkertijd meer horen over de bijzondere gebouwen die je passeert? Boek dan een wandeling met één van onze enthousiaste gidsen. Boek een privégids voor jouw gezelschap. 

city walk through Oudenbosch is a real must when you visit Halderberge. The cultural heritage, architecture and wonderful stories will have you almost believe you’re walking through an Italian village. Use the free audio tour or make a city walk with a guide and stroll along the highlights in 1.5 hours. Let the marvellous buildings in this village surprise you. And of course, Brabant conviviality is also included in this walk.

The Italian influences of Pastor Hellemons

Pastor Willem Hellemons is an important character in the story that is told during the city walk. This man grew up in Roosendaal but later studied in Rome, where he became fond of Roman Italian life. You can read more about how that happened here..

Upon returning to the Netherlands, he settled in Oudenbosch, but he kept dreaming about Italy. Inspired by Italian architecture and lifestyle, he commissioned the construction of some impressive buildings. The Basilica is the most well-known. This copy of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is much smaller than the original, but all the more impressive for a small town like Oudenbosch. The various schools and institutions of which pastor Hellemans commissioned the construction as well, are also built in this style. All this activity gave the economy of Oudenbosch a huge boost. Stately mansions arose and the harbour and station were thriving. The influence the pastor had in the 19th century, makes Oudenbosch to what it is today.

The various buildings have been well preserved and form the highlight of the city walk.

Are you walking along?

Van donderdag t/m zondag om 11:00 uur is het mogelijk om aan te sluiten bij een gratis stadswandeling. De stadswandeling start vanaf het Jan-Gielenplein (plein naast de Basiliek). Liever een privégids? Reserveer jullie privégids alvast via onderstaande button. Of neem contact op met


Stadswandeling met privégids: € 5,00 p.p.*
Audio tour: Free

* Een stadswandeling met privégids is boekbaar vanaf 8 personen. Een privégids voor minder personen boeken? Dat kan, de kosten zijn dan gelijk aan de prijs voor 8 personen.

De Audiotour Stadswandeling Oudenbosch is samengesteld en ontwikkeld door Visit Halderberge, stadsgids Mark Buijs en streekomroep Ons West Brabant. Voor vragen of meer informatie neem je contact op met

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Audio tour City walk

Do you prefer to discover Oudenbosch and all its stories by yourself? With our audio tour you can stroll along 10 extraordinary locations in Oudenbosch without a personal guide. Audio guide Mark will tell you all about the highlights. Just like the city walk, the audio tour starts from Oudenbosch station. Just scan the QR code that can be found there or use the one on this page.


About the audio tour

  • Volg de stadswandeling audiotour gratis met Izi Travel
  • Bring a headset or use the speaker option on your phone.
  • Switch on location recognition to get the best experience from the city walk.
  • The Oudenbosch City Walk Audio Tour takes about 1.5 hours.
  • De Audiotour volg je in het Nederlands, Engels of Duits.