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Oudenbosch is a village with an ‘urban vibe’ that will get every culture lover’s temperature rising. The history of Oudenbosch is different from that of most West-Brabant villages. Marvellous churches, domes and former boarding schools are combined with a harbour, museums and cosy catering establishments. The perfect destination for a complete day out. 

The Basilica

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Botanical Garden Arboretum

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Zouaves museum

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Tivoli public observatory

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Italian vibes in West-Brabant

You may never have heard of Halderberge, but the name Oudenbosch might ring a bell. Coming from the A17 highway, you can already spot a dome towering over the meadows. And if you look closely, you’ll see a second one right next to it. These are the domes of the Basilica of Oudenbosch and the chapel of St. Louis. Two extraordinary buildings in this typical West-Brabant landscape. Both are the result of the love former Pastor Willem Hellemons had for Roman life, and this love is very much tangible. No matter how Dutch the village is, when you’re strolling over the large Cour at the former St. Louis boys’ home and visit the Basilica, it’ll feel like you’re in Rome.

Visit the Zouaves Museum, where you’ll learn all about the Pope’s army of volunteers, join our guide for a city walk with guide. to discover Oudenbosch’s history, have yourself locked up in the Escape Room at Tivoli Observatory.

Guided tours can be booked at various locations.

If you prefer to get active, West Brabant is the cycling region par excellence! Located on the border of sand and clay, Oudenbosch is the perfect base for a beautiful bike ride , with forests and heaths south of Oudenbosch and polders and rivers in the north. The landscape surrounding Oudenbosch is ideally suited to discover by bike.

History of Oudenbosch

The history of Oudenbosch goes way back, but things start to get really interesting when Willem Hellemons comes to Oudenbosch to work as a pastor. During his period as pastor, he changes Oudenbosch considerably. He enriches the town’s skyline with the domes of the Basilica of Oudenbosch and St. Louis. It’s clear that religion plays an important role in the history of Oudenbosch, but science also provided an enormous boost for Oudenbosch with the public observatory, which is now Tivoli Observatory, and the studies at St. Louis. You’ll learn everything about it in the various museums and monuments.

Holiday in Oudenbosch

If you’re coming to Oudenbosch for a longer stay, like a midweek, week or weekend, various B&B’s, hotels and campsites can be found in and around Oudenbosch. You can spend the night in a monastery, at a campsite in the middle of a forest of with a wide view of the polder. There are various accommodations that offer great packages. View all accommodation options here.

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Wat is er te doen in Oudenbosch?

Oudenbosch is vooral bekend vanwege zijn religieus en cultureel erfgoed zoals de Basiliek van Oudenbosch, Sterrenwacht Tivoli en Jongensinternaat St. Louis. Ook voor watersportliefhebbers, fietsers- en wandelaars is Oudenbosch een fijne bestemming met prachtige fiets- en wandelroutes en prachtige rivieren richting Zeeland en Midden-Brabant

Kan ik overnachten in Oudenbosch?

In en om Oudenbosch zijn verschillende campings, B&B’s en hotels te vinden. Een actueel overzicht vind je op de website.

Zijn er restaurants in Oudenbosch?

Ja, er zijn verschillende restaurants in Oudenbosch. Vooral rondom de Basiliek van Oudenbosch zijn verschillende horeca-gelegenheden te vinden, zowel voor lunch- als diner.