Discover Oud Gastel

Oud Gastel is a beautiful village with a rich history that’s almost tangible. Whether you’re visiting the Mastboomhuis to step back in time or take a Solex moped tour through the West-Brabant countryside, a new surprise awaits around every corner!

Things to do in Oud Gastel

Oud Gastel is one of the villages in the municipality of Halderberge. With a great variety in clubs and organisations in the village there’s always something to do here. The national triathlon, the power pulling competition and Sfeerpop festival are only a few of the well-known events organised in Oud Gastel. There’s also lots of beautiful history hidden in Oud Gastel. At the local history house and the Mastboomhuis you’ll discover the stories that are connected to the past of Oud Gastel.

Those looking for an extraordinary culinary experience can visit Café Onder de Toren or Gastel Sfeer, where the old horse-drawn tram used to cross the Roosendaalse Vliet by ferry.

History of Oud Gastel

The name ‘Gastel’ is first mentioned in written sources in the year 1275. The Abbey of St. Bernard receives a piece of land as a gift. The people living in the abbey are asked to cultivate the land of ‘Gastel’. Therefore, the oldest known history of Gastel comes from the parish. Until 1287, this land belongs to the county of Breda. After that, it comes into joint possession of the Lords of Breda and Bergen op Zoom. In 1458, it comes in full possession of the county of Bergen op Zoom. In 1533, the land is promoted to marquisate.

In 1747, Bergen op Zoom is besieged by the French. Oud Gastel also notices the consequences of this: ‘foreign’ soldiers are billeted here and the population is forced to hand over great amounts of cattle and forage to the French. A rampart, Fort Willem, is built on Gastelsedijk West. It was part of a line to stop the French. In 1914-1918, during World War I, soldiers are also billeted in the village, as part of the mobilisation. At the same time, numerous Belgian refugees find shelter in the village. At the time of World War II, Oud Gastel was liberated on 30 October 1944.

Things to do in Oud Gastel – Noord-Brabant

There’s plenty to see and do in Oud Gastel! With its many pavement cafes, it’s a great place for a break when cycling through Halderberge. But there’s more! In summer, during cherry season which starts from mid-June, you can pick your own cherries at Voorbraak Kersengaard, get cherries from a vending machine or buy various delicious cherry products such as wine, beer and chutney.

Culture and history lovers will have a great time in the Mastboomhuis of the mayoral family Mastboom, who bequeathed the house as a museum. The house is left in arrested decay, preserved as it was and open for visits.

Vacation in Oud Gastel

If you’re coming to Oud Gastel for a longer stay, like a midweek, week or weekend, various B&B’s, hotels and campsites can be found in and around Oud Gastel . You can spend the night in a monastery, at a campsite in the middle of a forest of with a wide view of the polder. There are various accommodations that offer great packages. View all accommodation options here..

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Tourist Information Halderberge

Oudenbosch has several highlights and museums that are worth a visit. But Halderberge has so much more to offer during your visit to West-Brabant. You can find all the information you need at the Tourist Information Halderberge located in the Oudenbosch trainstation, especially about Halderberge or West-Brabant. Our volunteers will be happy to help you!

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