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Bosschenhoofd is best-known for Breda International Airport, locally known as ‘Seppe’, which is located here. There are plenty of aviation-related things to do in and around the airport. In the Aviation Museum you’ll find airworthy old-timers and at Bargo or the Cockpit you can spot planes while enjoying a nice drink and snack. At ENCP you can take a leap from great height or discover the surroundings from above with a scenic flight with Breda Aviation. 

Things to do in Bosschenhoofd

History of Bosschenhoofd 

The area that would later become Bosschenhoofd (Noord-Brabant), belonged to Hoeven from the end of the thirteenth century onward. The county of Breda initially covered almost the entire area we now call West Brabant.

The soil in West Brabant contained a lot of peat. In 1301, the cutting of peat was in full swing and the canal in Oudenbosch already existed at that time. In 1840, Bosschenhoofd had 269 inhabitants and 361 in 1860. They were mainly pioneers from Hoeven, who built small farms on the rugged grounds here. In 1882, a school was built in Bosschenhoofd and there wasn’t a church until 1886.

On the first of January 1997, Bosschenhoofd merged with Oudenbosch, Hoeven, Oud Gastel and Nieuw Gastel into the new municipality of Halderberge, due to a reorganisation. Previously, Bosschenhoofd and Hoeven together had formed the municipality of Hoeven.

Things to do in Bosschenhoofd

There’s no lack of adventure and nature in Bosschenhoofd. There’s the Aviation Museum Seppe at ‘Breda Airport’ (formerly known as Seppe Airport). Here, you can admire various old aircrafts and children can experience what it’s like to sit in one of the aeroplanes.

Real adventure can be found at Breda Aviation . You can book a sightseeing flight here, or make a a parachute jump at ENPC. 

Holiday in Bosschenhoofd

Bosschenhoofd is a great base for a mini-break. With nature just around the corner, it’s lovely to walk the Bosschenhoofd Stroll after breakfast. The village is located next to the A58 highway, so you can reach one of the larger cities for a daytrip in no time. The municipality of Halderberge is surrounded by nature, so if you’d like to get out on your bike you won’t have to drive to a starting point first.

Below you’ll find all the must-sees, cafes, restaurants and places to stay in Bosschenhoofd.

Tourist Information Halderberge

Oudenbosch has several highlights and museums that are worth a visit. But Halderberge has so much more to offer during your visit to West-Brabant. You can find all the information you need at the Tourist Information Halderberge located in the Oudenbosch trainstation, especially about Halderberge or West-Brabant. Our volunteers will be happy to help you!

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