Plan your trip to Halderberge

Planning a day out or a holiday in Halderberge or West Brabant? We've already listed the best addresses for an overnight stay, lunch, drinks and activities! Are you planning a day out or a short or long holiday? We will be happy to help you get away from it all!

Weekend break in West Brabant

Halderberge has everything for a short break in West Brabant. Beautiful natural areas, exceptional architecture and above all, lots to experience. Too much to do in just one day. Avid cyclists will enjoy one of the many cycling routes with all kinds of fun and tasty stops along the way. Do you prefer culture? Then Oudenbosch will really surprise you. Un-Dutch architecture with a special story such as the Basilica of Oudenbosch and Boys' Boarding School St. Louis. Want to know more about Oudenbosch or the Basilica? Then book a city walk or guided tour of the Basilica in the Ticketshop.

On holiday in Halderberge

Are you staying longer in Halderberge? Then you can enjoy spending the night in one of the B&Bs, hotels, bungalow parks or on one of the quiet camping sites in the polders and woods of Halderberge. You will never be bored, because in and around Halderberge there is plenty to do for young and old. How about a day of shopping at Rosada? Skiing in Rucphen, exploring along the Southern Water Line or climbing in the Climbing forest? But there is also plenty to do in Halderberge. Splesj! is the largest water spray park in Western Europe and the escaperooms in Halderberge are true brainteasers. We have already listed top activities in West Brabant made for you so you won't be bored.