Behind the wheel of your own adventure

For adventurers big and small, Halderberge is a must-see place. Book a trial lesson in flying from Breda International Airport or dare a parachute jump at ENPC. The littlest ones can enter such an aviator at the Flying Museum Seppe and have a great time in the Oud Gastel Play Forest in good weather. Book an outdoor or indoor escaperoom, hire a canoe, solex or sup. As you can see, an active (group) outing is easily arranged in Halderberge. 

Canoe rental

Adventure tips in Halderberge

Adventurous activities in Halderberge

Whether you’re out with the family, a group of friends or your team of colleagues, an adventurous activity is always an option in Halderberge. There’s only a short distance between the different locations, so you can easily plan a day full of fun activities. 

See them fly

Breda International Airport, a location where the many adrenaline kicks literally fly around your ears every day. At the former Seppe airport, there are several activities. Admire the Brabant countryside from above with a trial lesson in flying at Breda Aviation. Take a parachute or tandem jump at Para Association ENPC. Crazy about aviation? Then dive into history at Vliegend Museum Seppe. Fun: the kids can actually sit in an aircraft here. 

Time is ticking

Halderbere has two locations where you can race against the clock while trying to escape by solving riddles. De Kluisjesroof (The Vault Heist) is an indoor escaperoom in Oudenbosch, based on a real vault heist that took place in the village a few years ago. Looking to play a game with a larger group of people? Go and try solve the riddle of the Legenda Basilicae or solve the Turfstekers. These games are played in the Pagnevaart forest in Hoeven. Looking for adventure on the farm? With the escapegame, help the farmer & farmer's wife solve The Milk Mystery. 

Out on the water

Halderberge has the Mark or Dintel river for boating. Looking for a more athletic activity? Rent a canoe or take a few paddle board / sup lessons. 

 Hit the road, old school or in the now

Afraid to get wet? Then get on a solex or e-chopper to discover Halderberge in an effortless and real fun way. Whether you set out to discover the village on your own, with your family or with a group of friends, our Solexes and choppers are ready for you!

Group activities 

All activities are very suitable for group outings. Various venues in Halderberge are more than happy to welcome you for a drink and a bite to eat . Looking for a place to stay after a few drinks? Check View all accommodation options here. in Halderberge.