Hey nature lover, coming over to hike, cycle or boat?

Halderberge is a nice and quiet place. It’s not hard to find peace and quiet here and to really take a break from everything. Rent a bike or put on your hiking boots and off you go. In Halderberge, you’ll find forests, polders and peatlands that are a pleasure to discover in every season of the year. There’s also a lot of fun to be found for water lovers. Moor your own boat, take a sightseeing cruise, rent a canoe or peddle around on a sup.

Enjoy nature in Halderberge

Halderberge has 3 nature reserves that are open for walking and cycling. The Pagnevaart Woods cover over 86 acres and are free to visit. The woods are located between the villages of Bosschenhoofd, Oudenbosch and Hoeven. You’ll find restaurants and cafes on the way for a well-deserved break. 

Nature reserve ‘het Gastels laag’ is located south-west of Oudenbosch. The area is covered in several types of grassland and it has an old alder carr forest of about 56 acres. Nature lovers will discover extraordinary flora and fauna here. 

North of Hoeven you’ll find an oasis of tranquillity: the Hoeven Meadows. It’s an area with a rich history in the fight against water. Traces of peat extraction, land reclamation and agriculture are still visible. An unpaved cycle path crosses the area.

For the younger outdoor enthusiasts

In Oud Gastel, a play forest (Speelbos) was created, where kids can play freely. Here, the younger ones can run, cross, climb and build huts to their heart’s content, but also get the chance to see, feel and smell nature. It has a barefoot path, a willow tunnel, an insect hotel, stepping and sitting posts, balance beams and even twenty self-painted bird houses all around the play forest. Of course, you’ll also find a huge picnic table and benches here, for which natural materials such as tree trunks, branches, shells, sand and stones were used. Cute little gnome poles will guide the children to the play forest from different directions.

Out on the water

Halderberge has the Mark or Dintel river for boating. You can moor your own boat at one of the three harbours. It’s also possible to make a cruise or rent a canoe or sup. 

The botanical garden of Oudenbosch

From April to October, it is possible to visit the Oudenbosch Arboretum. The former garden of the friars is now a fantastic collection of trees and plant species. Want to learn more about everything planted here during your visit? Then book a guided tour and enthusiastic guides will be happy to tell you more about it.

Tourist Information Halderberge

Oudenbosch has several highlights and museums that are worth a visit. But Halderberge has so much more to offer during your visit to West-Brabant. You can find all the information you need at the Tourist Information Halderberge located in the Oudenbosch trainstation, especially about Halderberge or West-Brabant. Our volunteers will be happy to help you!

Markt 57 Oudenbosch (Basiliek H.H. Agatha en Barbara)

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