Hoeven Meadows

Come hiking in a beautiful piece of nature in West Brabant. The Hoevense Beemden is a great place to go out in any season. The Hoevense Beemden, as the name surely suggests, is located in Hoeven, north of the village. This nature reserve consists of Polders. It is quiet and ideal for a mile-long walk. Fishermen also like to come here. The fishpond in De Hoevemse Beemden is a favourite with many. 

A little history

Peat was extracted here in the 14th and 15th centuries. In 1409, permission was given by the abbot of St Bernard's Abbey to dike the land north of the village of Hoeven. The excavation of Moer was also eventually forbidden and thus the Polder Hoevense Beemden was created. Because of its low position, the polder was especially suitable as hay land (also called; beemden) As farmers in the sandy areas did not have many beemden at their disposal, the hay could be traded there.

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