Meetings and teambuilding activity West Brabant

Are you looking for a location for your meeting or teambuilding activity in West Brabant? Whether you are looking for a cosy, grand, corporate or more informal setting, with the diversity in Halderberge there is always a venue to match. On this platform, we'll inspire you with special locations. 


For a meeting or training session, it is good to occasionally swap the company for an off-site meeting location. An inspiring training location where you are pampered so that you can focus completely on the training or meeting. So truly efficient. Halderberge in West Brabant has a lot of meeting venues with all modern conveniences. Will you go for a state-of-the-art venue at Restaurant & Eventspace Bargo at Breda International Airport, an all-in meeting venue at Hotel The Travel case, a meeting venue at 't Veerhuis, the extensive meeting rooms at Bovendonk, de oude bibliotheek van Tivoli of een meeting in het monumentaal pand van Under the Tower or by Genck? It doesn't really matter, you can taste that Brabant hospitality everywhere. 

Vergaderlocatie By Genck

Onder de Toren Oud Gastel

Cultural Centre Fidei et Arti

Molecaten Park Bosbad Hoeven

Basilica of Sts Agatha and Barbara Oudenbosch

Team building activity Halderberge

Holding meetings in Halderberge has another big advantage besides the fine locations: the green surroundings. Forests, meadows, nature reserves, water, an area in West Brabant to find peace and quiet in nature. Ideal as a break during that long meeting day or intensive training session. Plenty of inspiration for team activity too. Bundel de krachten van het team en ontsnap uit de Outdoor escaperoom, sjees door het Brabantse landschap op een solex, wil je zelf een vliegtuig besturen bij Breda International Airport, rondleidingen bij de prachtige authentieke locaties of zoek je verkoeling op het water met een sub-sessie? 

Teambuilding programma: actief – cultureel – passief of culinair? Er is heel veel mogelijk.

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