Out and about in Hoeven

Hoeven is best-known for waterpark Bosbad Hoeven, but the annual 4-day Cycling Event, former monastery Bovendonk and the local brewery are also great reasons to visit Hoeven. In short, there’s more than enough to do in Hoeven!

Things to do in Hoeven

Hoeven is one of the 5 village centres in Halderberge. Hoeven is mainly known for “Bosbad Hoeven”, which is called Splesj!. Dieses Wasserspielparadies für Jung und Alt liegt im Pagnevaartbos between Hoeven, Bosschenhoofd and Oudenbosch. Every year, the village organises its famous Four Days of Cycling, which attracts many visitors. Must be because Hoeven is the perfect place to start cycling through West Brabant. Hoeven also has several restaurants with excellent menus and the Van Gogh cycling route crosses the village centre, where a listening post is located.

History of Hoeven

Hoeven was first mentioned in 1282 when the Lord of Breda sold land to the Bishop of Antwerp. This territory extended over a large area between Bergen op Zoom and Breda, and consisted mainly of wetlands. In Hoeven, an outdoor residence is built for the Bishop. From this place, the area is cultivated and made usable for agriculture and cattle breeding. The country retreat slowly becomes an educational centre for priesthood training for the diocese of Breda, and in an adapted form it still is today. A restaurant and hotel are now located in the same building.

Things to do in Hoeven

Hoeven is the perfect base for everyone who likes cycling and hiking . The village is located on the exact border of sand and clay grounds, resulting in polders and rivers in the north and heaths and forests in the south. Exactly what makes this region so versatile. There are also many things to see and discover for those who love culture. Major seminary Bovendonk is a national monument that’s well worth a visit. A walk through the Pagnevaart Woods will take you back in time, to a period in which the peat canals were still in use. You’ll walk on the same paths Vincent van Gogh used during his night walk to Zundert. In addition to walking and cycling, you can also swim in the Pagnevaart Woods, at water park Splesj!. It’s the largest water park in the Benelux and fun for both young and old!

Holiday in Hoeven

If you’re coming to Hoeven for a longer stay, like a midweek, week or weekend, various B&B’s, hotels and campsites can be found in and around Hoeven . You can spend the night in a monastery, at a campsite in the middle of a forest of with a wide view of the polder. There are various accommodations that offer great packages. View all accommodation options here..

Tourist Information Halderberge

Oudenbosch has several highlights and museums that are worth a visit. But Halderberge has so much more to offer during your visit to West-Brabant. You can find all the information you need at the Tourist Information Halderberge located in the Oudenbosch trainstation, especially about Halderberge or West-Brabant. Our volunteers will be happy to help you!

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