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Do you have any questions about a possible visit to Halderberge? Are you looking for a fun package for an event with family or friends? Or are you an entrepreneur who would like to get in touch with us?

Please, feel free to send us an email with your questions, suggestions or ideas. We are more than happy to help you make your visit to Halderberge as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Bezoek ook eens het toeristisch informatiepunt Halderberge, hier kun je terecht voor uit-tips, folders, fiets- en wandelroutes, overnachtingsadressen en overige informatie.

Visitor adress

During opening hours of the Tourist Information Halderberge
Stationsstraat 7
4731 GM Oudenbosch
Tel. 0165-786530

postal adress

Stichting Visit Halderberge
Hofstraat 8
4741 AK Hoeven

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About Visit Halderberge

The mission of the cooperation Visit Halderberge U.A. is to put all the good(s) Halderberge has to offer on the map and to promote the municipality as the age-old, hospitable and innovative region in Brabant it is, in the hope to attract more visitors who stay longer and enjoy Halderberge even more.

Visit Halderberge wants to connect and strengthen Halderberge’s leisure activities. We organise various marketing activities and activily contribute to product development within Halderberge, in order to achieve the desired sustainable growth of the leisure economy. 

Joining Visit Halderberge means helping to improve Halderberge while benefiting from collective activities and collaborations. Visit Halderberge is a non-profit cooperative.

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Nazomeren in Halderberge?

Geniet op een mooie nazomerdag van de Halderbergse natuur of kom cultuur snuiven, want dat is ieder seizoen heerlijk!