Water picnic table Stampersgat

The water picnic tables in Stampersgat are a lovely place to pause during a cycling or walking tour in Stampersgat. These special picnic benches are not on the water's edge, but in the water!
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Don't feel like swimming but still like to seek out the water? The water picnic tables in Stampersgat bring picnicking and water fun together. 10 picnic tables, each of a different height, stand in the river Mark. The lowest one hangs just above the water, while the highest one lets your feet touch the surface at low tide.

The water picnic tables are also a nice break spot for suppers and other water sports enthusiasts. Tie your supboard or canoe to the table and enjoy your lunch. If you are in Stampersgat by boat, the jetty can be found a few metres away.

There are several cycling routes which run through Stampersgat. Highly recommended if you want to explore Stampersgat and the surrounding area!

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