The Pagnevaart nature reserve is located between Oudenbosch, Hoeven and Bosschenhoofd. The area is named after ‘Spagnevaert’, a Spanish warship that, according to the legend, stranded here and of which the remains would still be buried here. The woods, covering about 86 acres, are freely accessible.
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Off you go

Some of the hiking trails in the area are also part of the Bosschenhoofd Stroll.. The Pagnevaart is an old peat canal that used to run all the way to the port of Oudenbosch. The canal cuts right through the woods and was an important supply route for peat for Breda and Dordrecht. Enjoy wandering over the paths and lanes. Several cafés and restaurants in and around the forest will provide a pleasant break during your exploration on foot or by bike.

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