Conference centre and hotel Bovendonk

Experience the architectural style of Pierre Cuypers in Seminar Bovendonk. Visit the complex during a guided tour or stay in the hotel yourself.
History of Gastel Sfeer

At the same spot where Bovendonk monastery is now located, there used to be an outdoor residence for the monks of the Abbey of Hemiksem near Antwerp, from as early as 1232. For centuries, these monks have controlled the area between Bergen op Zoom and Breda from Uithof Bovendonk. Various wars were fought in the region and the estate has had various owners, including Napoleon and William of Orange. Apparently, Napoleon stayed at the monastery branch for some time.

The ‘white building’ is the administrative centre of the monks in the region. After several expansions and renovations, the estate started to take on its current form with a tithe barn, farms and various building. In 1853, the Diocese of Breda was founded at Bovendonk and the building is used for priest studies, becoming a seminary. Students from all over the south of the Netherlands flock to Bovendonk. The popularity of the study is growing and soon the existing building no longer suffices.

In 1895, renowned architect Pierre Cuypers is commissioned by the diocese to design a new seminar. He has previously built the Rijksmuseum, Vondelkerk and the Basilica of Oudenbosch. The remarkable building built by Pierre Cuypers is the current Bovendonk, minus the chapel. His motto ‘no symmetry, but harmony’ is reflected in many details: From the friezes above the windows to the floors in the corridors and the colonnades in the courtyard.

National heritage Bovendonk

Bovendonk is one of the most special buildings in the municipality of Halderberge. The building is also used as a hotel, grand café, official wedding location and conference centre. Throughout the year there are guided tours at Bovendonk, even weekly in the summer months. In addition, outside parties and weddings, the premises can be visited free of charge.

Hotel Bovendonk

A visit to West-Brabant starts at Hotel Bovendonk. The priests’ study rooms and lodgings have been turned into comfortable hotel rooms. The 48 rooms look out over the surrounding estate or the inner garden of the monastery. Bovendonk is centrally located between Breda, Bergen op Zoom and Willemstad and is the perfect location for a cultural and historic weekend trip in the Netherlands. Oudenbosch is only 5 kilometers from Hoeven, so the Basilica, St. Louis and other sights can be reached within a few minutes.

Special meeting room or conference room in the Breda and Roosendaal region

The 14 meeting rooms and conference rooms at Conference Centre Bovendonk in Hoeven, near Breda and Roosendaal, can accommodate from 2 to 150 people. The different rooms have their own look and feel and are suitable for numerous activities: meetings, corporate training sessions, inspiration sessions, knowledge sessions, coaching sessions and courses. The special location, a monastery building, does the rest. The peace and quiet in and around the building ensures that the hectic pace of everyday life disappears and that the focus on your business meeting does not fade.

A meeting room for every meeting. From small-scale meeting to multi-day strategic consultation with management, at Bovendonk the various meeting rooms, varying in capacity from 2-150 people, offer the possibility of meeting for every organisation, centrally located in the Breda and Roosendaal region. Main rooms, sub rooms and various catering areas, the possibilities offered by Bovendonk are the solution for every meeting or gathering in North Brabant. You can read reviews of our meeting rooms from our guests at Meetingreview.

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