Oudenbosch Basilica of the Holy Agatha and Barbara

When nearing Oudenbosch, you will see them from afar: The imposing domes of the Basilica of Oudenbosch and the St. Louis Boys’ Home. Once you’re in Oudenbosch it will feel as if you’re in Rome. The magnificent buildings built in Roman style, the squares, the courtyard of St. Louis, the public observatory Tivoli. Together they form the historical heart of Oudenbosch.

History of the Oudenbosch Basilica

Met de bouw van de Basiliek van Oudenbosch werd in 1865 begonnen en in 1912 is de kerk tot basiliek verheven. Het einde van de restauratie (1954-1987) betekende eigenlijk pas de voltooiing van dit indrukwekkende bouwwerk. De architecten van de Basiliek zijn P.J.H. Cuypers en G.J. van Swaay. De architect Cuypers is vooral bekend om de bouw van het Rijksmuseum. Binnen de gemeente Halderberge heeft hij meer historische gebouwen ontworpen. Hotel en Klooster Bovenbonk is hier een indrukwekkend voorbeeld van! De bouwpastoor van de Basiliek is W. Hellemons. Pastoor Hellemons studeerde in Rome en was een groot bewonderaar van de Romeinse bouwstijl. Daarom koos hij de Sint Pieter als voorbeeld voor een nieuw te bouwen kerk in Oudenbosch en het front van de Basiliek van Sint Jan van Lateranen als model voor de voorgevel. Sinds de voltooiing in 1892 heeft de basiliek een lengte van 81 meter, breedte van 55 meter en het hoogste punt is de koepel, namelijk 63 meter. Een inhoud die 16 keer kleiner is dan de Sint Pieter in Rome.

Visiting the Basilica

The Basilica of Oudenbosch has a remarkable atmosphere, it’s anything but an ordinary church. The detailed facade of St. John Lateran with its beautiful sculptures, details and high arches just begs you to pay a visit. Upon entering, you will experience just how immense the Basilica of Oudenbosch really is. The high ceiling, marble columns and of course the imposing dome will make you realise that you haven’t entered just any church. One of the highlights of the basilica is most definitely the apse, the semi-circular part behind the altar. This beautifully designed platform with its gorgeous stained glass has already stunned many visitors. The literal highlight of the basilica is the dome. You can enter it by climbing the 140-step spiral staircase.

Before entering the Oudenbosch Basilica you'll walk across a special statue. This statue is a remembrance to the fallen Zouaves. Just a short walk from the Oudenbosch Basilica you'll find the Dutch Museum of Zouaves, where you can learn more about this special voluntary army that protected the Pope in Rome.

Your visit to the Basilica

The Oudenbosch Basilica is open seven days per week for prayer, lighting a candle or a visit. Admission is free. If you would like to visit the Basilica's dome, the admission is € 0,50 per person. With 140 stairs you will go to a height of 28 meters, high above the ground. Are you interested in the stories behind the Basilica? An audiotour or guided tour will tell you everything you want to know about the Basilica. Both are available in English and Dutch. The guided tour is also available in German.

Guided tours and audio tours

A visit to the basilica will become even more interesting when you hear its stories. Visitors can choose between a guided tour or an audio tour to hear them. Guided tours can be booked through the basilica’s website. Besides Dutch, our guides also speak English, German and French. The audio tour is available in Dutch and English. In addition to a tour through the Basilica of Oudenbosch, you can also visit the dome by climbing the 140 steps to a height of 28 metres above the church floor. For a visit to the dome €0,50 per person is charged.

Looking for a souvenir of your visit to Oudenbosch? There’s a souvenir shop in the crypt of the basilica which boasts an extensive array of souvenirs, religious articles and devotionals.

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