Het Mastboomhuis

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The house where time has stood still. An extraordinary building, with an even more extraordinary story. Because time IS standing still at Mastboomhuis. All clocks always say it’s half past ten. The last resident seems to have just left. Everything is still in place. Your odyssey can begin. The house is home to a collection belonging to a remarkable mayoral family. The interior, the stories and the portraits have all been preserved. But it’s not just a museum. You’ll step inside the year 1999 and the 150 years running up to it, because the Mastboom family was very careful when it came to their belongings. In Mastboomhuis you’ll learn about the family, their lives, what it’s like to have a future that’s already written out for you and to see that future go up in smoke. Discover this special house and its special story with a guide or with an iPad.

About the family Mastboom

Henri Mastboom, the last occupant of the Mastboomhuis has left the residence to the Mastboom-Brosens Foundation to preserve the life’s work of his parents. As an ode to his distinguished bloodline. Oud Gastel was ruled by the family for generations. The office of mayor was transferred from father to son. Until this was no longer self-evident. This remarkable bloodline ends with Henri, and has had a major influence on both politics and economics. Read more

About the residence

A building built in the 19th century by a distinguished family. An interior full of items that have been collected over the course of 150 years. Antique furniture, stacks of paperwork and personal memories. This remarkable mayor’s residence has always been in possession of the Mastboom family, until the death of the last descendant, Henri Mastboom. Read more

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