Waterpoort round trips | Canal tour Oudenbosch

Halderberge can not only be discovered over land, but most definitely also over water. Water has always played an important role in transport to the major cities in Brabant and Holland. You can discover Halderberge over water during a day cruise.
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Discover Halderberge over water

Bezoek Halderberge vanaf een hele andere kant, namelijk vanaf het water! Ontdek de mooie natuur van Halderberge tijdens de rondvaarten die vertrekken vanuit de haven van Oudenbosch. 

During the round trip of approximately 3 hours, the skipper will provide you with interesting information. Do you know the story behind Oudenbosch and Nieuwenbosch? Discover the legacy of the sugar industry in Oud Gastel, then sail to Stampersgat and learn all about the St. Elizabeth’s flood and its consequences for West-Brabant. In short: a round trip from Oudenbosch is a fun day out in beautiful and historical surroundings!

Boating & Cycling

Round trip

The round trip will show you a whole other side of Halderberge, the dikes, the water and the water history of the area. The boat is fully equipped, including toilets and a bar. During the cruise you can enjoy a snack or drink at the bar.

De rondvaarten vinden tijdens het vaarseizoen in 2023 plaats op de onderstaande data: 

24 juni: 12:15 uur – 15:15 uur

1 juli: 12:15 uur – 15:15 uur 

15 juli: 12:15 uur – 15:15 uur 

22 juli: 12:15 uur – 15:15 uur 

11 augustus: 12:15 uur – 15:15 uur 

19 augustus: 12:15 uur – 15:15 uur 

26 augustus: 12:15 uur – 15:15 uur  

Boating and cycling

Combining boating and cycling is a great idea for those who want to discover West-Brabant in a different way! Get on board at one of the boarding points along the sailing route of the day cruise, and cycle back to your starting point from one of the other stops. 

Boarding points in Halderberge

Round trip: Turfhoofd, Oudenbosch

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