Breda Aviation flying lessons

Besides watching aircraft at Breda International Airport or admiring the aviators at the Flying Museum, you can also soar to great heights yourself. Book a trial lesson in flying and see this part of Brabant from the air.

Breda Aviation: professional, safe and convivial

Breda Aviation Flight School has been in existence since 1987 and is situated in modern premises at Breda Airparc, on the south side of the airport. Breda Aviation is a certified ATO and provides all possible flight training from sports pilot to commercial pilot. It offers trial lessons and aircraft rental. In addition, Breda Aviation is the world's first FlyDrive Academy and provides training for the PAL-V, the flying car. Despite the high degree of professionalism, quality and safety, the atmosphere at Breda Aviation remains relaxed and convivial. The company is open seven days a week and the coffee is always ready.

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