Gastel Sfeer

Gastel Sfeer is a household name in the wide region. This cosy café is strategically located at the cycling route network and a place where cyclist find their welcoming break. As ferry-house and later a stop for the horse-drawn tram, the Gastels Ferry (Gastels Veer) is a go-to place since 1791.
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At the exact spot where the ferry from Oud Gastel to Kruisland used to moor, you’ll now find Gastel Sfeer. A cosy pub where you can stop for a cup of coffee or go for drinks when cycling or walking. But they also serve lunch, dinner and snacks here. The beautiful location at the Roosendaalsche Vliet and the view over Oud Gastel and its polders make Gastel Sfeer a popular destination for day-trippers and sporty people.

History of Gastel Sfeer

Gastelsveer is since 1791 a important place in the region. Located at the side of the Roosendaalsche Vliet at the Gastelse Dike it is a place where numerous people crossed the river, first by ferry, later by horse-drawn tram. Even Queen Wilhelmina visited this location, right aftwer WWII, a true location full of history. This history can be experienced all around. At the bar, on the terrace. The Gastelsveer is a place to stop, have a break and meet people for over 230 years.

Festival Sfeerpop

One of the biggest festivals in the region is Festival Sfeerpop. This festival is the yearly highlight at Gastel Sfeer


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