De Meeshoeve

The national monument 'De Meeshoeve' is an 18th-century farm complex in Oud Gastel. A special place where the Mees family lived and worked for 100 years. It is now a care farm where you are welcome in the tea garden or for a guided tour.

Farm life in 1900

De Meeshoeve in Oud Gastel is a farm complex from 1900 and on the list of national heritage. The Mees family started the remarkable farm in 1900. Over the years, the farm got a new function: supporting all sorts of care-dependent people and provide care in a nicer and more fun way. De Meeshoeve’s objective is to be a social and green meeting place in the region, and to maintain this wonderful heritage by sharing it with everyone.

Next to the farm you'll find the graves of the Mees' family with a chapel and the Meesmuseum.

The goal of this social farm is to be a social and green to meet

Visit the Meeshoeve

The residential part of the farm is still in its original state and open for visits several times a year. The coffee and tearoom is open on Friday afternoon and staffed by residents of the care farm. You can get a guided tour around the farm during opening hours.

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