Oudenbosch Protestant Church

The Protestant Church in Oudenbosch has existed since 1613. The first service was held in 1610. The current church dates from 1819.

A Protestant church with a rich history

In the middle of the cosy Fenkelstraat, you’ll find the Protestant Church at number 24. The building dates from 1819, making it the oldest municipal monument. The church was thoroughly restored in 1972. The Clergy House next to the church dates from 1562, making it the oldest national monument of Oudenbosch. In the backyard you’ll find a monumental Red Beech that’s over 200 years old, but still in very good condition.

Pearl Path Oudenbosch

The Protestant Church is part of the Pearl Path Pearl Path in Oudenbosch, a route leading along the extraordinary heritage of Oudenbosch. More information can be found on the information boards at the monuments and locations. There’s also a brochure with the route and information available at the Tourist Information Centre .

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