20 tips for a coronaproof outing in West Brabant

Now that the world is open again, we tip you 20 coronaproof activities in West Brabant. That way, we hope you can still have a good time out now, as well as in spring and summer.


Touring like on a solex, but on a mega cool thing. In no time you can explore the whole area, without much effort. At the Veerhuis you step onto the chopper after a safety instruction. Can you see yourself sitting there?

Geocaching, a global hit, but far from well-known to everyone. Small 'treasures' are hidden all over the world, which you try to find by using coordinates. There is often the option to leave your name, so that those after you can see who has been to that place before. Read more about geocaching here.

Arboretum Jesper den Uil 2

Photo: Jesper den Uil 

Arboretum 23 April 2021 SK (31)

Photo: Visit Halderberge

3. Strolling among 2,500 plant and flower species

For this tip, you will have to be patient for a very long time. Just remember it for later, because a walk through the Botanical Gardens of the Arboretum in Oudenbosch don't want to miss. The Arboretum opens its doors on 1 April! Spot the most beautiful flowers and plants, enjoy the peace and quiet and all the insects and birds that flutter around. How did these gardens end up in the heart of Oudenbosch? The village owes that to the Brothers of Saint Louis. The volunteers will be happy to tell you more about it. Order tickets directly

Photo by: Jim Janssens

4. Picnicking with your feet in the water

It is a work of art in itself, the water picnic tables in Stampersgat. Gladly used by guests passing by boat, but also nice for cyclists and walkers. Treat yourself to a tasty lunch from one of Halderberge's restaurants and enjoy it with your feet in the water. Just like holidays right!

Fancy an active outing on the water? Suppen is all the rage these days and Mireille from Bobla sup daagt je uit om mee het water op te gaan. Op het water is meer dan genoeg ruimte om afstand te houden. Let op: het schijnt verslavend te zijn 😉 voor je het weet ben je ieder weekend op de sup te vinden.

If the weather gods are somewhat kind, this is a tip the kids will thank you for for the rest of the day. At the play forest in Oud Gastel natural materials have been used as much as possible. There is a barefoot path, a willow tunnel, an insect hotel, there are stepping and sitting poles and balance beams. There is also a giant picnic table and bench.

Photo by: Sabrina Matthijssen

Photo: feyaslagman via Instagram

The place where city and art become one: Breda's blind walls. Better known as the Blind Walls. When visiting West Brabant, this is definitely one for your to-do list. Normally, you follow a guided walking or cycling tour, but in this corona period they also have an alternative: 'Tour it yourself'. You buy a bag filled with a guidebook, route, coffee credit and other fun goodies. Convinced? Check out more about the tour here.

Photo: Breakthrough Cherries

You can taste the flavour of Brabant here. Meet all the agricultural entrepreneurs. Create your own cycling route along the farms and score some goodies in one of the many farm shops. In the evening, put a real Brabant meal on the table, straight from the countryside.

Retrieved from The Strawberry Terrace in Rijsbergen you will find countless fun activities. Just a little more patience, but by summer you will also be able to taste the tastiest summer rabbits on the terrace. Take a nice walk from the terrace or discover the play forest with the animal adventure trail with the kids.

Photo: The Strawberry Terrace Rijsbergen

Photo: Breda International Airport via Instagram

10. Aircraft spotting at Breda Airport

A real Spotters' Spot is being worked on, but aircraft spotting is already possible. At Breda International Airport, more popularly known as 'Seppe', you can spot the most beautiful aviators on a clear day. With surrounding restaurants Bargo and the Cockpit, score a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner. Less weather? Then spot the planes indoors in The Flying Museum of Bosschenhoofd.

Photo: Out in South via Instagram

Photo: Out in South via Instagram

Explore the Biesbosch relaxed with your own boat. From Geertruidenberg, you can rent 'a boat healthy' and discover a piece of Brabant from the water. You do not need a boating licence for these boats. Nice weather coming up? Plan your day sailing in time, as it is mega popular.

Be surprised by all the hidden gems in Oudenbosch and discover the story behind them. From March onwards, guides will depart from the information point in Oudenbosch from Tuesday to Sunday at 11:00 am. Prefer to walk it yourself? Walk it for free with an audio tour. Do bring earphones or a cup of phone, then guide Mark Buijs will tell you more during your walk. Read more. 

On the square of Saint Louis (by Visit Halderberge)

13. Scavenger hunt in the Speurbos

Nothing is better than being active in the outdoors with the kids. Do you have such an enthusiastic sleuth at home? Then book the QR code or gnome treasure hunt. In the Pagnevaartbos, between Hoeven and Bosschenhoofd, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Read more. 

14. Outdoor escape: puzzling in the forest

We stay in the Pagnevaart forest for a while, as this is also home to the Outdoor Escaperoom. Together, try to solve the riddle of the Basilica or the Turfstekers. A nerve-racking activity where you really have to work well together. Will you unravel the mystery in time?

Photo: Petra Huijsmans

15. Italian atmospheres in Oudenbosch

OK, we can't stress it often enough: The Basilica of Oudenbosch is truly a gem. Whether you are really walking in Italy for a moment. Not surprising, since this is a scaled-down copy of St Peter's in Rome. Oh yes, if you want to stay in the Italian atmosphere a little longer after your visit, cross the road and get an Italian ice cream at Un Momento. 

16. Treasure Island, canoeing, scootering

At Akkermans Leisure in De Heen vermaakt iedereen zich. Op het moment huur je een sloep of geniet je op het terras. Zodra de versoepelingen zich aankondigen zullen zij als buitenlocatie als één van de eerste weer volledig openen. Ga er golfen, kanoën of steppen. Onthoud deze locatie ook zeker voor jullie eerstvolgende familiedag 😉 

Photo: Akkermans Leisure

Fortified town of Willemstad is more than worth a historical walk. The city of William of Orange has a lot of stories. Take a stroll, relax at the picturesque little harbour on a cosy terrace and discover more at Fort Sabina with the coronaproof 'diversions to the fort'.

Photo by: Ons West Brabant

18. Klimbos de Brabantse wal

Active outdoors, but for real daredevils from 6 years old. Will you make a free fall, bungee jump or take the new zip wire route? In 2020, the Klimbos received a bronze award for 'Best outing in North Brabant', so of course it should not be missed during a family outing. Find out more.

19. Helmet on and cross it off

West Brabant is a beautiful region for a lap on a mountain bike. From here, you can also cross the border to your southern neighbours and cross a lap of the Kalmthoutse Heide. Don't own a mountain bike? Rent one.

Photo: Wielerexperience Roosendaal

20. Wielerexperience Roosendaal

Cycling enthusiasts beware: in Roosendaal you will find a cool Wielerexperience. A Cycling Track, MTB-Trail and Pumptrack, with brand new dirt jump. Open daily from 8:00 - 22:00, if there are no events. See more. 

We hope we've helped you on your way, so you can hit the road safely. Do you have any great coronaproof tips of your own? Share them with us!