Geocaching in Halderberge

Going for a walk, but with the goal to find as much ‘caches’ as possible. It’s a 21st century treasure hunt. It takes you to places you otherwise would never have visited. Halderberge also has hidden gems. Combine your geocaching trip with a cultural one and discover Halderberge. 

Four of our favourite geocaches

You can discover Halderberge by bike during a beautiful cycling route, by foot during a city walk or stroll OR you can go on an adventure and search for the geocaches and lab caches that are hidden throughout Halderberge. All you need is your smartphone or GPS device and the coordinates of the cache.

There are many caches hidden in Halderberge. Both geocaches and lab caches. A map with all geocaches can be found by clicking the button below, the lab caches can be found in the

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt. The treasure, or cache, can be literally anything. A box, a book, a tree stump or a safe, but there are also virtual caches. Some are easy to find, some will be more difficult, but they’re always fun!

Have you found a cache? Then you write your name in the log at the cache or online.

There are two types of caches: geocaches and lab caches. Geocaches usually have a physical cache. Lab caches are walks along virtual caches. 

What do you need?

A healthy dose of energy and curiosity and a smartphone with GPS or a GPS device are the most important necessities. With an account you can search for both types of caches. You do need two different apps for the geocaches and lab caches.

Would you to like to know more about geocaching? Then visit the official website.