7 Summer Tips in Halderberge for your day out

We go on holiday in our own country a lot now and that is actually quite nice. Be amazed at how much beauty has been so close by all this time. Whether you are looking for tips for a day trip or for your week at the campsite nearby. We already selected 7 summer tips in Halderberge for your day out - And yes - also for when the weather in the Netherlands is not so summery for a while.

Have fun!

1. Splesj! The best water play park

Not only does it sound summery, it's just another activity not to be missed when you're around with the kids. The 7 water slides will put a smile on their faces for the rest of the day. There is a spray-park of up to 900m2, the very largest in Europe. There is a playground with Airtrampoline and fanatics challenge each other to a game of Adventure mini golf. Mum and dad? They keep an eye on things from a nice shady spot. Hungry? At 'ons Caat' or the snack bar you can also get a bite to eat on the park.

Please note, due to corona measures, there are limited number of day tickets available and online only! Guests staying overnight at Molecaten Park always have access on presentation of the Bosbad pass.

splesj day out halderberge

2. A walk through special plant and tree collection

Did you know that Oudenbosch is home to a huge collection of plants and trees in the former monastery gardens? With as many as 2,500 different species Oudenbosch Arboretum a treat for all lovers. A relaxing afternoon of walking should not be missed during your visit to Halderberge. Want to know more about this heritage? From 8 people upwards, it is possible to book a guide who will be happy to tell you more.

3. Taking to the water

The Dintel and the Mark lend themselves perfectly to a nice boat trip. Do you possess a boat? Lucky you! Be sure to cruise the West Brabant rivers. The peace and quiet is pleasant and if you do not pass by on your own, stop by at the port of Oudenbosch or Hoeven to also explore the cultural heritage or grab a drink on one of Brabant's terraces. From Halderberge, by the way, you can reach the Breda's historic city centre. Also docking in Willemstad Fortress is highly recommended and will complete your Brabant boating adventure.

4. An educational visit to the NVM museum

We understand that with a heavy shower it might not be so summery in Oudenbosch. Do you want to be busy with nature, but still dry inside? Visit the Oudenbosch Museum of Natural History and Ethnology. They exhibit collections in the fields of geology, archaeology, living nature, man and environment and ethnology. The collections sometimes go back as far as the mid-nineteenth century! The exhibitions change regularly and you can visit every Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 13.30 to 16.30.

5. Outdoor Escaperoom in the woods

We are familiar with indoor escaperooms by now, but in Halderberge you have the opportunity for an escaperoom 2.0. Because you will not be locked up in a small room... Here, you will have an entire forest at your disposal! Los the mystery of the Legenda Baslicae up or Find the riches of The Peat Cutters. Two escaperooms that could use a good dose of cooperation. Also highly recommended for larger groups!


6. Touring the chopper

Highly recommended for exploring Halderberge in no time: the e-chopper. With this cool moped, you chop from place to place. You discover the landscape and occasionally stop for a nice photo or a well-earned drink on the terrace. Also great as a group outing. 

7. Ready for take off?

For a holiday at home, you may not have to go to the airport, but a visit to Breda Airport is a lot of fun. The former airport 'Seppe' is now a nice spot for spotting small planes. At the Flying Museum you will learn all about the history of aviation and with a bit of luck, one of the aircraft owners will take a trip and you can spot them in the sky. (Note: they open their doors from Saturday, August 1 and advance booking is required!) From Restaurant the cockpit at Bosschenhoofd you have a good view of the runway and enjoy lunch, dinner or drinks. Want to take a sightseeing flight yourself? Check out the possibilities here.

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