Spotting spot Breda International Airport

Come spot aircraft at Breda International Airport's spotting spot
  • Monday 08:25:00 - 19:18:00
  • Together with Social Sofa, artists and residents of Halderberge have been building a beautiful spotter's area.

    The Social Sofa is a concept of community art, a work of art by and for the community, which you can make full use of. It makes the spotter's spot a meeting place for aviation enthusiasts, but also for cyclists, walkers, recreationists and tourists.

    The spotter's area has a wall measuring 6.00 by 2.50 metres, which is plastered with more than 70,000 coloured tiles measuring 2×2 cm.
    On the airport side, a grandstand-shaped seating element has been installed to watch air traffic.
    Three mosaic divans have also been installed. These were made in a sheltered workshop.

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