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A disaster for any farm - cows no longer giving milk! Farmer Corné did everything he could to get the cows to give milk again. Unfortunately without success. From one day to the next, they no longer give a drop of milk. What is going on at the farm? Corné and Corinne invite you to take on this challenge together with your family, friends and colleagues. You will have 60 minutes to solve the Milk Mystery. To do so, you have to solve tricky tasks, find clues on and around the farm and, of course, examine the cows themselves.

What can you expect from the Milk Mystery? 
The Milk Mystery is similar to a normal Escape Room. However
With us, you will not be locked up in a small room... No, you will get the whole
farm as a playing field. Within 60 minutes, you and your teammates must
solving the mystery.

The adventure begins with a friendly welcome at the farm. For every
participant there is a nice cup of coffee or tea and a delicious piece of real
farmhouse cake.

About 15 minutes before the game starts, the game explanation begins and you can
put on overalls and boots. You may, of course, wear your own clothes
play if you like. After the explanation, the game starts. This takes 60 minutes.
After 60 minutes, the game ends. Is the mystery not quite solved yet?
Then look sweetly at the farmer's wife, who knows, you might get a few bonus minutes. After
the game we take a fun team photo and there is still the opportunity to take a
drink in the reception area.

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