Building a strong tourist Halderberge together

Together with the board and volunteers of heritage, attractions, entrepreneurs and the hospitality industry, we strive for a strong tourist Halderberge. Professionalism and visibility, both online and offline, are very important in this. We would like to help you with this. 

What does Visit Halderberge do?


Visit Halderberge deploys online and offline campaigns to bring Halderberge's offerings to the attention of the right people. These are mainly visitors from outside the region. By distributing inspiring stories, photos and advertisements every week, visitors know how to find us.

Besides its own channels, Visit Halderberge also provides marketing for Oudenbosch's Basilica.


A tourism product must be good in the basics to be attractive to visitors. Think of fun activities, arrangements and events but also infrastructure, catering offerings and accommodations. Visit Halderberge supports entrepreneurs and organisations with advice, knowledge and expertise to achieve the right level of quality. This way, Halderberge becomes a little more beautiful again.

Calendar of events

We manage the UITagenda for outside visitors with Halderberg's top events on VisitHalderberge. Your event visible online for a wide audience?



Informing visitors

Visit Halderberge publishes various leaflets, routes and brochures to inform visitors. These leaflets are also available for entrepreneurs. Would you like to send your guests on their way well-informed? Then request your leaflets using the form below!


Visit Halderberge is the foundation responsible for marketing the tourist product "Halderberge". An annual subsidy is paid from the Economic Dome Halderberge to market Halderberge as a tourist destination.

The objective of Visit Halderberge is to:

  1. Inspire potential visitors
  2. Making visitors stay longer
  3. Getting visitors to spend more


Marketing the tourism product is the main goal of the foundation. We also support entrepreneurs and organisations in their professionalisation and their own marketing.

But what do we do for you?

We do not market Halderberge alone. We do so together with you and other entrepreneurs and organisations.

Are you running into something, do you have ideas for a collaboration, arrangement or product and are looking for a sparring partner? Do you want to take your visibility on the Internet to the next level? Do you want to do more with social media but don't know how? Let us know! We are ready with practical tools and advice. 

In addition, we offer you:

  • A stage for your event
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Marketing support
  • Information and knowledge meetings
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