Welcome back to Halderberge

We've missed you the past few months! Are you looking for fun coronaproof activities? A weekend getaway? We'd love to help you get out and about in Halderberge and the rest of West Brabant.

There is more than enough to do for families, young and old alike! Can't wait? Then pre-order your tickets for one of the activities in Halderberge via the ticket shop.

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Botanical garden Arboretum - Tuesday to Sunday from 13:30 - 17:00. 

Water play park Splesj

Basilica (Free walking around, no guided tours) Daily from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4.30pm. 

Terraces: may open daily from 06:00-20:00. Check the websites of the restaurants for current opening hours. 

From 5 June

Guided tours of the Basilica Book now

The Zouaves Museum Book now

The Museum of Natural History and Ethnology Book now

Tivoli public observatory Book now

The Flying Museum

Guided city tour Book now

Restaurants and cafés may be open from 06:00 to 22:00

These places are also eager to receive you

Enjoying nature

The fresh outdoor air. Whistling birds, Dutch nature is there to exert yourself and relax. Cyclists, hikers, captains, suppers and explorers get their money's worth in the Halderberg nature!

escaperoom hooves

Outdoor Escaperoom West-Brabant

Cycling routes in West-Brabant


Beautiful museums, for young and old

War heroes of yesteryear, historic aircraft or special exotic collections. You'll find them in Halderberge! If you want to discover special stories, then Halderberge is the place to be. The story of the Zouaves is over 150 years old but largely shapes the Catholic Church and the Vatican as we know it today. Without the Zouaves, Rome might have looked very different! In the Museum of Natural History and Ethnology, you will discover all about cultures far away, as well as the origins of volcanoes, soil types and animals. In short, the museums in Halderberge are educational and fun!

Museum for Natural History and Ethnology

Tivoli public observatory


Churches, monasteries and other heritage sites

Do you love special stories and beautiful architecture? With dozens of national monuments, each with its own and special story, you can wander around for days. The story of the Basilica of Oudenbosch, for example, or the story behind the observatory and their connection with NASA, or the story of Henri Mastboom in the Mastboomhuis, or... come and see all the stories and special places discover for yourself!


Conference centre and hotel Bovendonk

chapel of saint louis

Boys' boarding school Saint Louis

Oudenbosch Basilica of the Holy Agatha and Barbara


Are you making a weekend of it?

Will you make your getaway to Halderberge a real party? Then of course you'll stay sleep and then continue exploring Halderberge the other day.

Are you a luxury queen or a true adventurer? A camper or box-spring fan? It does not matter where your preference lies because you will find it all in Halderberge. 

Find your hotel or campsite

In the middle of nature or prefer to stay in one of the hotels?

Need more ideas and tips?

There is much more to do in Halderberge and the rest of West Brabant. Read the 21 tips with coronaproof outings in West Brabant or any of our other tips.

Halderberge is located between Breda and Bergen op Zoom, making it the ideal base for fun day trips in West Brabant.

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