Up the paths, into the lanes Some of the footpaths in the area are also part of the Ommetje Bosschenhoofd. The Pagnevaart is an old peat canal that ended in Oudenbosch harbour. This canal crosses the forest area and was an important supply route of peat towards Breda and Dordrecht. Wander endlessly along the paths and [...]

Nature reserve Het Gastels Laag

gastels low

A special accessible nature area Gastels laag nature reserve is a special piece of nature in Halderberge. Since 1995, agriculture has only been allowed here on a limited basis to allow the special nature here to take its course. The area is home to more than 180 different species of flowers and plants, some of which are on the red list of [...]

Botanical Garden Arboretum

arboretum oudenbosch

From kitchen garden to botanical garden Stroll past the unique flower and plant collection of the Arboretum in the heart of Oudenbosch. The botanical garden, laid out in English style, consists of a European, American and Asian plant collection. This collection includes the special collections of horse chestnuts, snowberry and spice bushes. Some collections consist of [...]