Laurentius church

Historisch mooi De Sint-Laurentiuskerk in Oud Gastel is een prachtige kerk met een rijke historie. Al vanaf de 13e eeuw, toen de broeders van de Abdij van Hemiksem naar West-Brabant trokken om het land te cultiveren ontstond het land van Gestele tussen de rivieren Mark en Vliet. Dit gebied betrof het grondgebied van de gemeente […]

Oudenbosch Protestant Church

A Protestant church with a rich history In the middle of the cosy Fenkelstraat stands the Protestant Church at number 24. The church building dates back to 1819, making it the oldest municipal monument. The church was thoroughly restored in 1972. The presbytery next to the church dates from 1562, making it the oldest Oudenbossche national monument. In the [...]

Conferentiecentrum en hotel Bovendonk


History On the site where Monastery Bovendonk now stands was a country house of the friars of the Abbey of Hemiksem near Antwerp as early as 1232. For centuries, these friars ruled the area between Bergen op Zoom and Breda from the "Uithof Bovendonk". Several wars have raged around Bovendonk, and the estate was thus [...]

The Zouaves Museum

For the pope! In the late 19th century, Pope Pius IX created an international volunteer army to defend the papal empire. These volunteers were called 'Zouaves'. The enthusiasm was especially strong among the Dutch; some 3,000 men signed up. Older readers probably remember the book Pieter Jong - The Hero of Lutjebroek, the heroic story about the [...]

Aviation Museum Seppe

Unique aircraft collection What makes this museum so unique is that the entire collection is privately owned, but even more special is that you are allowed to get within centimetres of the planes. Because the planes still regularly take to the skies, the collection varies from day to day. The enthusiastic volunteers talk passionately about [...]

Museum for Natural History and Ethnology

Something for everyone In the museum's upper floor, you will find the Nature Hall with a special character, decorated in the original 19th-century style. Here, among other things, you can admire beautiful life-size dioramas with stuffed animals. There is also a small exhibition of Archaeology, which is mainly due to Brother Christofoor. He started in the years [...]

Oudenbosch Basilica of the Holy Agatha and Barbara

Culture in Brabant

Geschiedenis van de Basiliek van Oudenbosch Met de bouw van de Basiliek van Oudenbosch werd in 1865 begonnen en in 1912 is de kerk tot basiliek verheven. Het einde van de restauratie (1954-1987) betekende eigenlijk pas de voltooiing van dit indrukwekkende bouwwerk. De architecten van de Basiliek zijn P.J.H. Cuypers en G.J. van Swaay. De architect Cuypers […]

Tivoli public observatory

Reservation of NASA, Apollo XI Observatory Tivoli aims to provide a place where visitors and donors can actively experience astronomy. Tivoli fulfils this in several ways. The building is optimised for practising astronomy. You can view the universe with the Maksutov Telescope and learn all kinds of things about the solar system, the stars and the [...]

Boys School & Chapel of Saint Louis

chapel of saint louis

History of Saint Louis Pastor Hellemons founded a monastic order in 1840 to educate the youth of Oudenbossche. The boarding school is run by the Congregation of the Brothers of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga; better known as the Brothers of Saint Louis. It starts small with a few pupils and a superior, Father Vincent. Soon it grows [...]