To do Oud Gastel

History of Oud Gastel

Oud Gastel is a village in the municipality of Halderberge, in Noord-Brabant.

The name ‘Gastel’ is first mentioned in written sources in the year 1275. The Abbey of St. Bernard receives a piece of land as a gift. The people living in the abbey are asked to cultivate the land of ‘Gastel’. Therefore, the oldest known history of Gastel comes from the parish. Until 1287, this land belongs to the county of Breda. After that, it comes into joint possession of the Lords of Breda and Bergen op Zoom. In 1458, it comes in full possession of the county of Bergen op Zoom. In 1533, the land is promoted to marquisate.

In 1747, Bergen op Zoom is besieged by the French. Oud Gastel also notices the consequences of this: ‘foreign’ soldiers are billeted here and the population is forced to hand over great amounts of cattle and forage to the French. A rampart, Fort Willem, is built on Gastelsedijk West. It was part of a line to stop the French. In 1914-1918, during World War I, soldiers are also billeted in the village, as part of the mobilisation. At the same time, numerous Belgian refugees find shelter in the village. At the time of World War II, Oud Gastel was liberated on 30 October 1944.

Things to do in Oud Gastel – Noord-Brabant

For those who would like to come and do something in Oud Gastel, we’ve made a top 4 list of sights.

  1. St. Laurentius Church Oud Gastel
    This neo-gothic church is still adorned with the Gothic tower of the previous church from 1450.
  2. Mastboomhuis
    The house in which it will always be 1999. The last occupant, Henri Mastboom, had only one wish: that everything in this house would remain exactly as it was on the day he died. He passed away in 1999 and since then all clocks indicate the time of his death. The fly swatters are still in the same spot where Henri used to put them and the fountain pen he used to write in his diary is still there. It creates a unique atmosphere: here, time literally stands still.
  3. Meeshoeve
    The Meeshoeve farm is a national monument. The farm was started by the Mees family in 1900.
    Today, it’s a farm where people with all kinds of special needs are welcome.
  4. Nature reserve Het Gastels Laag
    This is a special piece of nature in Halderberge. Since 1995, agriculture is only allowed here to a limited extent, so the extraordinary flora and fauna can take its course. You can find 180 different flowers and plants here.

Holiday in Oud Gastel

Wish to stay in Oud Gastel for more than one day? That is certainly possible. Even though the village is too small to discover something new every day, there’s still enough to do in the surrounding area. Therefore, Oud Gastel is the perfect base for multiple day stay. View all accommodation options in Halderberge here.


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