Small but nice: the 5 special museums in West Brabant, Halderberge

Are you looking for a fun outing. We tip you off to five special museums in West Brabant. They are small but fine and each with a very distinct theme. Learn about aviation at Vliegend Museum Seppe, or relive the 1990s at Mastboomhuis. Imagine yourself in the universe at the Tivoli Observatory, discover the special story of the papal battle at the Zouave Museum and learn more about various peoples and natural history at the NVM. In short; there is plenty to discover in Halderberge. Be surprised!



As the name suggests: nature lovers get their fill here, as more than half of the museum is decorated with showcases full of nature. Learn more about life in ditches & ponds, the forest and on the moors. You will find a large collection of birds, a mammal showcase, a presentation on plant life and a real butterfly collection. You will even come face to face with a sea eagle, which was shot in Wouwse Plantage in 1853.

Of course, this West Brabant museum also focuses on various peoples around the world. There is an Africa collection and, since the reopening on 1 June last, you will find a collection of the White Fathers, who had a connection with Oudenbosch and campaigned against slavery in Africa. There is a focus on objects, their culture and customs.

It is safe to say that this museum has a nice variety of offerings to spend an afternoon diving into history.

Photos by @adrianusLaros

Museums West Brabant


Not so into earthly things, but really fascinated by everything happening outside planet earth? Then you can't leave Oudenbosch without a visit to the oldest public observatory in the Netherlands: Tivoli. At this museum in West Brabant, the hospitable volunteers will enthusiastically tell you all about astronomy. See various items displayed in the small museum, but especially feast your eyes on the dome located on top of the Jesuit monastery. You can view the universe with the Maksutov Telescope and learn all about the solar system, stars and planets.

Fun fact!
By the way, did you know that this Observatory was Apollo XI's backup station. If things had gone wrong in Houston at the time, Oudenbosch would have taken over the communication lines.

Photos by: Adrianus Laros


Ever heard of a Zouave? Discover a piece of history at the museum. Zouaves were volunteers who defended the papal state against Italian nationalists between 1861 and 1870. They were recognisable by their uniform with puff trousers. 

The pope appealed to all Catholic boys to defend the state. 11,000 boys came to this. The Netherlands, with as many as 3,100 young men, formed the largest club. From all over the country they came to the gathering point Oudenbosch, they then travelled to Brussels for their inspection. After Brussels, the next station was Rome.

In Rome, the Zouaves stood guard, marching, helping to nurse the disease cholera and fighting at various battles. In the end, the Pope's troops could not withstand the much more numerous Italians. In 1870, the battle was lost and the Zouaves returned to their country.

In the museum, you will find many objects and documentation from this era. A volunteer will be on hand to answer your questions.


It is often those small museums where a family can have the best time, and the Seppe Flying Museum is one of them. The collection is well-organised and varied.

The Flying Museum features photogenic classics with evocative names like Piper Cub and Tiger Moth, Boeing Stearman and Saab Safir. These are not the jets you know from your city trip or sun holiday. These are human-sized aircraft. Two-seaters and four-seaters. Double-deckers, high-deckers, low-deckers. Welds and rivets, instruments and buttons. Star engine behind the propeller, cylinders in plain sight. Everything you see breathes adventure!


The real daredevils make take a sightseeing flight yourself in such a plane or go for a parachute jump, a truly unique picture guaranteed!

You can relax in restaurant the Cockpit, where you also have a fantastic view of the runway. 

Photo by: _Michelle_Green_

View into the cockpit

The best way is to take a guided tour from one of the volunteers. They know the planes, point out interesting details and get children (and parents) thinking. You discover where they come from, what they are used for and how they work. With a bit of luck and good weather, you will see the planes not in the museum, but in the sky. Take a seat in restaurant the Cockpit for a snack or drink overlooking the runway.

Oud Gastel

The house where time stands still and it always remains 1999. An extraordinary structure, but with an even more extraordinary story. The last occupant seems to have just left. Everything is still in place. The house is a collection of a fascinating mayor's family. The interior, stories and portraits have all been preserved. With a guide or IPad, go on a journey of discovery in this special house.

Mayor's family

Henri Mastboom, the last resident of the Mastboom House, bequeaths the house to the Mastboom-Brosens Foundation. To perpetuate his parents' life's work. Generation after generation, Oud Gastel was ruled by the family. The mayoralty was passed on from father to son. Until this was no longer a matter of course. With Henri ends this special bloodline that had a great influence on politics and economy.

Museums West Brabant
About the house

A building built in the 19th century by a distinguished family. An interior full of items that have been collected over the course of 150 years. Antique furniture, stacks of paperwork and personal memories. This remarkable mayor’s residence has always been in possession of the Mastboom family, until the death of the last descendant, Henri Mastboom. 

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