Little people route Oudenbosch

Je ziet ze bijna niet, maar ze zijn er toch echt. Ruim 50 kubusjes van 2,3 bij 2,3 centimeter. Vind ze en ze vertellen je een verhaal over de plek waar je staat, het gebouw voor je neus of de straat achter je.

Route summary

In search of the stories in Oudenbosch

If you look really hard, you will find them! Also some small ones without a cube, right in the facade, on a tree or between the joints of one of Oudenbosch's old buildings.

Find them and they tell you a story about the place where you are standing, the people who lived there or about one of the buildings in front -or behind you.

The little people route is an initiative of Kunsthal Oudenbosch, Monique Jasperse.

Kleine klimaatmensjes in het Arboretum

The Little People Climate Route in the Arboretum is an exciting, educational and funny treasure hunt in the Arboretum. You will look for Little Climate Men who tell interesting stories and facts about our immediate environment in various scenes. For example, there is Plastic Souperman who helps to clean up stray plastic. There will also be a link to climate mayor Eric Bakker, who is committed to creating a food forest within the Halderberge municipality.


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