Pearl trail | 2 KM

This compact route takes you past heritage highlights in Oudenbosch. The silver dots lead the way past e.g. the Basilica of Oudenbosch, St. Louis and the observatory Tivoli. Pick up the guidebook of the pearl path at the tourist information point in Oudenbosch.

Route summary

Pearl trail walking route - 2 kilometres

The monuments in Oudenbosch are connected by the Pearl Trail. Imagine yourself in Rome for a moment with the Basilica, St. Louis, Tivoli and the Arboretum. The pearl path can be walked individually, but it is also possible to take a guided tour at the various monuments.

The walk along the story of Oudenbosch

Who Oudenbosch driving past can hardly fail to notice the two domes towering proudly above the land. These domes, of the Basilica of Oudenbosch and the Chapel of St Louis, tell a special story of a special village in West Brabant. They don't tell that story alone. They do so together with the other pearls: Observatory Tivoli, botanical garden Arboretum, Zouave Museum, Natural History and Ethnology Museum and Oudenbosch Protestant Church.

The legacy of Willem Hellemons

Willem Hellemons is the connecting factor of all the beauty Oudenbosch has to offer. Without Hellemons no St. Louis, Tivoli, Basilica or even railway station in Oudenbosch! The pearl pad of Oudenbosch leads you along the story with a mapped route of silver stainless steel caps, telling what connects the special buildings and places in Oudenbosch.

The pearl path route is about 2 kilometres long and winds through Oudenbosch's historic town centre, through alleys and tunnels past squares and monuments. Visit Oudenbosch on Sundays in summer to hit an open door at all the monuments and discover the special story that makes Oudenbosch so special.


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