Cycling route to wine and asparagus farm De Santspuy | 40 KM

In search of the white gold during the cycle route to asparagus farm de Santspuy. The asparagus season runs from the second Thursday in April until St John's Day, around 23 June.

Route summary

For cycling enthusiasts

You can of course ride this cycle route all year round but it is extra fun during the asparagus season from mid-April to mid-June! This is because the route goes to asparagus farm de Santspuy. Here, there are plenty of excursions and tastings you can book.

On the road

The route goes around Etten-Leur with a stop at the Santspuy halfway through. In Etten-Leur, you can also experience part of Van Gogh's childhood at the Van Gogh Church.


Hospitality stops

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