Cycling route through Landgoed Pannenhoef | 43 KM

Off to the Pannenhoef near Rijsbergen! This beautiful nature reserve is freely accessible. This area used to supply the big cities with peat. The peat excavations created a special landscape that has been restored in the last 40 years by Brabants Landschap.

Route summary

Cycling through forests and polders

From Oudenbosch, you drive south in a straight line. The route goes through several forest areas and past old moors where new nature has been created in recent years. The Pannenhoef is the turning point in this route and one of the most beautiful moors in the region.

On the road

The route starts with a section that is also followed on the way back. Alternatively, you can drive back through the Pagnevaart forest on the way back. This route has few sights, but is full of natural beauty!


Hospitality stops

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