Cycle route Rondje Rucphense bossen | 46 KM

The cycle route through the Rucphen forests shows well that in this region, clay soils change into sandy soils. Polders become forests and moors and the landscape changes significantly.

Route summary

Cycle route round Rucphense Bossen - 46 kilometres

Halderberge lies on the border of sand and clay. You can see this clearly in the landscape.
North of Halderberge are the polders with clay soils, a little south of Halderberge the sandy soils with rich and old forests. This route runs via Zegge to the forests near Sprundel, Rucphen and Sint Willebrord. This area used to be the site of large-scale peat extraction. This can still be seen in the peat canals that can be found in the landscape. With this cycle route, you will discover a special part of West Brabant.

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