Measures around Corona and leisure activities

From 6 November, measures around COVID-19 will be tightened. 

Key measures at a glance:

  1. Face mask mandatory in indoor public locations where a face mask is not mandatory.
  2. Corona admission ticket for e.g. museums, indoor/outdoor restaurants
  3. Stay home if you have an elevation, fever or other symptoms.
  4. Keep 1.5 metres away as much as possible.
  5. Get plenty of fresh air or find places with fresh air.
  6. Wash your hands regularly

At various locations, you can only gain access after showing the CoronaAccessBoard. This applies to indoor and outdoor catering, museums, events and theatre, among others.

For all current measurements and guidelines, please visit the Government website about COVID-19

Alle Maßnahmen rundum COVID-19 finden Sie auf der Webseite der Staat über COVID-19