City walk Oudenbosch

A walking tour through Oudenbosch is a real must when visiting the municipality of Halderberge. The cultural heritage, architecture and great stories will lead you to believe you’re walking through an Italian village.
For an hour and a half, a local guide will take you on a tour of all the highlights. Let the extraordinary buildings in the village surprise you. And of course, there’s also room for that typical Brabant cosiness.

The Italian influences of Pastor Hellemons

Pastor Willem Hellemons is an important figure in the story that is told during this tour. This man grew up in Roosendaal, but later studied in Rome where he not only became a pastor, but also became infatuated with the Roman way of life. How that happened is told in this story.

Upon his return to the Netherlands, he settled in Oudenbosch, but in his dreams he was still in Italy. Inspired by the Italian architecture and lifestyle, he commissioned the construction of some impressive buildings. The Basilica is the most well-known. This copy of St. Peter’s Basilica is much smaller than the real one, but looks all the more impressive in a small village like Oudenbosch. The various educational buildings and institutions that were constructed under pastor Hellemons’ watch, are also built in the same style. The economy of Oudenbosch flourished due to all these activities. Stately mansions arose, and the harbour and train station were buzzing. The influence the pastor had on Oudenbosch in the 19th century has made the city what it is today.

The various buildings have always been well preserved and are the highlights of the city walk.


Group tour bookings

The city walks are organised on Saturdays and Sundays, from April till October.

If you’d like to do the tour with your own group, that is possible 7 days a week, based on availability.
Please contact tip@visithalderberge.com or call the information centre on 0165 78 65 30. Open Friday till Sunday, from 10 AM till 3 PM.

Tip: Combine your city walk with a tour of the Basilica of Oudenbosch!


Regular tour: €3.00 p.p.
Interested in tasting our local delicacies? Book the ‘Burgundian Walk* for only €5.00 p.p. extra.

Please note: we don’t accept cash. Payments can be made by bank card at the information centre.

* The Burgundian Walk can only be booked on request for groups of 8 persons or more. For bookings or more information, please contact tip@visithalderberge.com.


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