On photo safari in Halderberge: 7 Unique photo stops

You may not be going abroad this summer, but did you know that Halderberge is also a great place to go on a 'photo safari'? You will spot a nice combination of heritage and nature in the most photogenic spots. We tip off a number of photo stops in our municipality. Can you take the perfect picture? Share your best shots with us. We are curious about your 'big 5' during your photo safari in Halderberge.Ā 


Grand Cour of Saint Louis

One of the biggest hidden gems within Halderberge is the Grote Cour and Saint Louis Chapel in Oudenbosch! The former boys' boarding school Saint Louis is one of Oudenbosch's largest structures.Ā 

The monastic order was founded in 1840 to teach Oudenbosch youth, but it soon became a popular school and this boys' boarding school enjoyed national fame. Students came from all over the country because of the high quality of education.

The chapel that completes this grand Cour has a faƧade of St John of Lateran and the dome is a copy of St Peter's in Rome.Ā 

A visit to the Grand Cour and the Chapel of Saint Louis is worthwhile. This hidden gem lends itself ideally to taking a unique selfie or group photo. The complex is currently being restored to its former glory. The dome, meanwhile, has been unpacked and provides a sparkle you cannot miss. We can't wait until hopefully later in the year the complete chapel is out of the scaffolding!

Photo by @Marloesdaily

Gastel Low

Photo by Anita BoskerĀ 

Highly recommended for early risers: admire the sunrise fromĀ Nature reserve Het Gastels Laag. A picture in every season. With the morning dew and the tranquillity around you, it is enjoyable. A varied piece of nature. And what do you spot there in the distance? The dome of the Basilica! Our next photo stop.


Oudenbosch Basilica

Nowhere in Oudenbosch will you find so many different colours under one roof as in the Basilica of Oudenbosch. Upon entering the Basilica, you immediately imagine yourself in Rome. Not surprising when you consider that the Basilica is a copy of St Peter's, only 16 times smaller. The literal highlight of Oudenbosch Basilica is the dome. It can be entered by a 140-step spiral staircase.Ā 

Do you dare to shoot the perfect picture at the top of the impressive dome?


tip: want to find out more behind this colourful italian building? Book a guided tour or walk the audio tour!Ā 

Sky high

Fan of aeroplanes? Then Breda International Airport in Bosschenhoofd your ideal spotting spot. Spot various sports planes and small private jets on the runway or in the air! Don't be alarmed if parachutists suddenly come down while spotting. That too is possible from the airport.Ā 

The real daredevils make take a sightseeing flight yourself in such a plane or go for a parachute jump, a truly unique picture guaranteed!

You can relax in restaurant the Cockpit, where you also have a fantastic view of the runway.Ā 

Photo by: ENPC SEPPE

Photo by: _Michelle_Green_

Bovendonk Hoeven

Bovendonk in Hoeven is a building full of surprises. This masterpiece by Pierre Cuypers now houses a hotel and conference centre. Extraordinary details, patterns and vistas make this one of the photo stops not to miss during your photo safari in Halderberge.Ā 

Photo by @stimphotography

Market and St. Laurentius Church Oud Gastel

Besides its adventure, Halderberge also has beautiful old and monumental facades. You will certainly find them on Oud Gastel's market square. A striking house can be found at number 11: the 'Spaensch Cruys', named after a cross of the same name that hung in St Laurentius Church for many years. In addition, visit the cosy CafƩ 'Onder de Toren' and pay a visit to the St. Laurentius Church. You can't pass by these places without a camera either!

mill st marchenspolder hoeven

Hoevense Beemden - Mill in the St. Maartenspolder

This green polder on the outskirts of Hoeven is the place for your special nature photos! The area was created by peat extraction in the 14st and 15st century. In the Hoevense Beemden lies the St. Maartenspolder. The hull of an old water mill stands in this polder.

This idyllic spot must be seen! So when you go cycling, cycle down the dirt track to the hidden mill on Poldersdijk and discover this place for yourself.

Curious about these special locations in Halderberge? Then visit this municipality! Share your unique snapshot on social media and don't forget to tag us! #visithalderberge and #hiermoetjezijninbrabantĀ 

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