Up the paths, down the lanes! The most beautiful nature spots in Halderberge

When you think of Halderberge, you think of heritage, museums and churches. But did you know that in Halderberge you can also get a breath of fresh air? Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, leave things in peace and just get out and about. Enjoy a walk in the woods or prefer cycling or sailing? In Halderberge, you experience nature your way.


The Pagnevaartbos is centrally located in Halderberge. You may know the forest from Bosbad Hoeven or Restaurant de Haard, but you can also enjoy a lovely forest walk here! The forest surrounds an old peat canal, the Pagnevaart. In West Brabant, a lot of peat used to be extracted to heat the stove in the big cities. The canal is a relic of this bygone era. In the Pagnevaart forest you can also see the Outdoor Escape Game "The Peat Cutters" play an exciting game in which you dive into the history of peat shipping. Will you unravel the secret within 60 minutes?

Can't get enough of nature? Then enjoy yourself at nature campsite The Wildert day and night of the Pagnevaart forest. With spacious pitches, it is highly recommended for nature lovers.

Gastel Low

The Gastels Laag suggests that this nature reserve lies against Oud Gastel. Nothing could be further from the truth. A stone's throw from the centre of Oudenbosch lies this special nature reserve. Over the years - and we are talking about the period from 1298 onwards - Gastels Laag gradually became the nature area it is today. Peat extraction created a patchwork quilt of high and low ground where rare flowers and plants have grown over the centuries. Not green grass, but so-called blue grassland. An extraordinary spectacle.

Put on your boots, because we go off the paths here! You walk through the Gastels Laag from post to post. There is no real path. Great to do with children or with an experienced nature photographer who knows how to find the most beautiful spots and pictures with you.

Mark and Vliet

For the water sports enthusiasts Halderberge is also definitely recommended. Besides forests, polders and peatland, West Brabant is also rich in canals, brooks and rivers. With two marinas in Oudenbosch and Hoeven, explore the region on your own. With three hours sailing you are in Barony City Breda and sailing towards Zeeland you pass the pretty little lock of Benedensas. Real adventurers sail through to the largest locks in Benelux: the Volkerak lock complex. Active on the water? Then hire a canoe or sub. 

sailing west brabant

Photo: Laurie Rijsdijk

Hoeven Meadows

The Beemden landscape north of Hoeven is well worth a walk or bike ride. This area was drained by the friars of St Bernardus Abbey in Hemiksem (B). The friars stayed at their country house Bovendonk in Hoeven. From this place, they drained large parts of West Brabant and basically prepared West Brabant for agriculture and arable farming. Today, the beemden area is used for all kinds of agriculture and arable farming. Cycling along the Markdijk which protects the area from the river Mark, you have a great view over the old farmlands and can see Oudenbosch's Basilica on the horizon.

Arboretum Oudenbosch

A piece of nature in the heart of Oudenbosch. Botanical garden Arboretum has a wonderful story and is well worth a visit. This botanical garden is one of a kind. With a huge collection of horse chestnuts with over 70 species of trees and flowers and plants blooming all year round, this is truly an oasis of tranquillity. Stroll along the paths and avenues and be surprised by the imposing weeping willow, the teahouse and the beautifully formed flora in the garden.

In short, Halderberge is much more than heritage and history alone. There is also a lot to experience in the region in nature such as on the Kalmthoutse Heide, the Mastbos in Breda, the Play Forest in Chaam or on the Rucphense Heide.

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