New websites Visit Halderberge and Basiliek Oudenbosch

Halderberge - With a new and special tourist season just around the corner, Visit Halderberge is launching new websites for Visit Halderberge and the Basilica of Oudenbosch. Together with the Ticketing system from Visit Halderberge and Ticketcounter they form the basis of the tourism product in Halderberge.

Website Visit Halderberge

Halderberge is one of West Brabant's most tourist- and recreationally attractive municipalities. With plenty of activities and (normally) events, heritage and a wide range of accommodation, Halderberge offers everything for a day out or a holiday. Its central location between tourist spots such as Breda, Bergen op Zoom, Willemstad and Antwerp makes for a wonderful base for a longer stay.

With the new website, Visit Halderberge focuses specifically on inspiring visitors to stay longer, one of Visit Halderberge's objectives. By offering cycling and walking routes, but also pointing out special places and inspiring with blogs and top lists , website visitors quickly get an idea of what there is to do and experience in Halderberge.

Website Basilica

The Basilica of Oudenbosch has also been given a new digital look. With a website where images take precedence over text, mobile usability is the starting point and visitors are inspired to book a guided tour or audio tour, we take guests into the story of the Basilica. For many visitors coming to Halderberge, the Basilica is the must-visit attraction. This is why we invested in a beautiful digital business card with an emphasis on conversion in the ticket shop

Ticketing system as a guide

Anno 2021, online booking is no longer only possible for rental cars and hotels. The entire customer journey often takes place online. So does booking attractions and outings. With the ticketshop, built in collaboration with Ticketcounter, visitors can book all their activities in Oudenbosch and later throughout Halderberge within minutes. The focus here is on entrance tickets for museums and attractions as well as guided tours and audio tours.

This ticket shop not only allows the Basilica to have guided tours booked or Visit Halderberge to book city walks online, but also provides a platform for Arboretum Oudenbosch, NVM Oudenbosch, Sterrenwacht Tivoli and the Nederlands Zouavenmuseum to reach a large audience.

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