Halderberge experiences good tourist season

Halderberge -The end of the summer holidays is approaching. After 1.5 years of living with corona, the summer of 2021 also turned out to be very uncertain. Reason for many Dutch people to seek a holiday closer to home this year too. They also noticed this in Halderberge.

A tour of various attractions shows that previously normal visitor figures have been met or even surpassed since June. Major crowd puller Basilica never issued so many audio tours in one year as it has since May. The audio tour, made possible by the largest museum in the Netherlands, is the ideal way for many to discover the Basilica on their own. The Arboretum botanical garden also attracts visitor numbers familiar from before corona: "Since the reopening of the Arboretum in May, we receive on average more visitors than before corona, with the month of August as an absolute highlight," says chairman Johan van Oosterhout.

The fact that Visit Halderberge has been offering audio tours, guided tours and entrance tickets to various museums and attractions via a new ticket shop since May also plays a part. "We launched the 500st booking received. We see visitors coming to Halderberge from various corners of the country. Not only visitors who are already staying in the region, but also day visitors from Haarlem, Almere, Utrecht and East Brabant," said Wim Hofstede, marketer at Visit Halderberge. 'We expect small-group day trips to pick up in the autumn as well. Oudenbosch, in particular, is also very popular among bus groups in September and October.

There is also positivity after touring hotels, B&Bs, ports and campsites. Marleen Lips of B&B Sjiek Basiliek: "We officially opened just before the first corona wave. But despite or precisely because of corona, we are running well. We are almost fully booked for September." And Jan Lodder, harbourmaster in Oudenbosch: "We are approaching the visitor numbers of top year 2018."

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