10 reasons to visit Halderberge this spring

Spring in Halderberge

Spring is here! Terraces are starting to fill, people are going for outdoor activities and shorts and skirts are being pulled out of the closet. If you’re planning a fun day out, you could consider visiting Halderberge. Halderberge? Yes, Halderberge!

Maybe the name Halderberge doesn’t really ring a bell. And that’s not surprising. But perhaps Oudenbosch (with its Basilica), Hoeven (and the Bosbad Waterpark), Bosschenhoofd (Breda Airport), Stampersgat (Sugar Factory) and Oud Gastel (Verwer & Janssen Triathlon) sound more familiar. There’s so much to do in this bustling municipality and you can actually get there really easy, from all corners of the world!

1. Basilica of Oudenbosch

The Basilica of Oudenbosch is a smaller copy of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. A beautiful building of worldly allure in the small town of Oudenbosch. It’s open 7 days a week and admission is free. Climb the 144 steps of the spiral staircase to the impressive dome to get a different point of view on the Basilica. Basiliekoudenbosch

2. Out and about!

The Halderberge region is located in an area where sandy and clay soils meet, resulting in extraordinary landscapes. The Pagnevaart and Gastels Laag nature reserves originate from the peat extraction that used to take place there. Thanks to that, you’ll find very specific types of flora and fauna here. Take a walk or make bike ride through one of the nature reserves on a warm day and you’ll be surprised by the diversity of these areas!

3. Bosbad Hoeven & Water Park Splesj

When you think of Hoeven, you immediately think of the Bosbad, or Splesj, as the largest water fun park of the Benelux is now called. Hoeven has seen many generations of kids’ parties, school trips and vacations. Enjoy one of the many exciting slides or dive-bomb from a diving board. Splesj is a fun day out for the entire family!

4. Walking and cycling in Halderberge

Halderberge is a popular walking and cycling region. The annual and famous 4-day Cycling Event Hoeven is even held for the 47th time this year! Over 1000 participants take on various distances during Ascension Weekend. But besides the 4-day Cycling Event and 4-day March, Halderberge is always a wonderful region to walk or cycle in. Every town has its own walking route and there are various cycling routes.

5. American drive-in at the airport

Relive times gone by! From May 10th to 12th, Breda Airport will have a real drive-in cinema where 2 film classics and a blockbuster will be shown: Dirty Dancing, Fast & Furious 6 and Topgun. Your car will be parked on the runway, where you can enjoy a good movie. Drive-In Cinema

6. The best Oudenbosch has to offer

If you think the Basilica of Oudenbosch is the only monument in town worth visiting, you’re wrong! The Pearl Path is a stroll along all the amazing things Oudenbosch has to offer, which is quite a lot. The St. Louis Boys’ Home, the Arboretum botanical garden, the remarkable Zouaves Museum, Tivoli public observatory, the Museum for Natural History and Ethnology and of course the Basilica. Several sights offer guided tours. Parelpad

7. Back in time at Mastboomhuis

Step inside and it will seem as if the clock has stopped ticking. And it did. At 9.30 to be precise. In the year 1999. After the death of the last member of the family, Henri Mastboom, the prominent Mastboom-Brosens family has left the house to a foundation. In this house you’ll find a perfectly preserved family home that once belonged to the family of mayor Mastboom. A journey back in time. Mastboomhuis

8. Volleyball and beach soccer at the Gastel market square

The weekend starting with Ascension Day is full of events and activities and Oud Gastel, which already has has many sporting events throughout the year, is more than happy to add a few more. During the Beach Weekend, the market square will transform into a giant beach with numerous beach sports. Join in or follow the activities from a terrace. Beachweekend Oud-Gastel

9. Watching (and touching!) aeroplanes

Breda International Airport is definitely worth a visit! In summer months, the airport is a popular destination for many hobby flyers and planes fly off and on. Restaurant De Cockpit will provide an excellent view at all the activity. Don’t forget to visit the Aviation Museum, where classic planes are on show. And many of these aircrafts are still in use! Aviation Museum Seppe

10. Oudenbosch, we have a problem!

The Tivoli public observatory is located across the street from the Basilica and has its own unique story. This observatory was the first public observatory in the Netherlands. Recently, the dome has been restored to its full glory. Oudenbosch was even a back-up station for NASA for a while, in case there were any problems in Houston. Oudenbosch, we have a problem! Sterrenwachttivoli


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