Restaurant the Ministry of Food and Drink

Welcome to the Ministerie van Eten en Drinken (Ministry of Food and Beverage)! Our Ministers will take care of an unique culinary experience. Regional and fresh ingredients are turned into delicious dishes.

Our Ministers

Our Ministers of Culinary Matters and Hospitality create your perfect night out. The Minister of Culinary Matters creates the most tastefull plates and the Ministers of Hospitality will make you smile and will provide you with everything you need to enjoy your night.

At het Ministerie van Eten en Drinken (the Ministry of Food and Drinks) every day is a surprise, because our Ministers of Culinary Affairs (that’s what we call our chefs) work with seasonal local products. You can expect something different on your plate every day, so there’s plenty to choose from! The beautiful seasons provide us with a variety of tasty products and, in combination with the creativity of our Ministers of Culinary Affairs, there are plenty of choices per course. Simply choose your favourite dish.

Experience the unique concept of the Ministry and enjoy it with friends, acquaintances, family or business partners in Oud Gastel or Bergen op Zoom. C’est la vie! (enjoy life!) as we say, or rather: As the Ministry thinks it should be.


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