Veerhuis - Solex and E-chopper rental

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Discover Halderberge with the wind blowing through your hair

Het Veerhuis is a multifunctional location on the edge of the town centre of Oud Gastel. If you’re looking to discover Halderberge and West-Brabant without using the traditional means of transport, you can do so on a nostalgic Solex moped or a sustainable e-chopper! Put on your helmet and off you go. Ride over winding dikes, through charming villages and make a pit stop at a nice café in the area.

E-chopper rental

You can rent an e-chopper for 2 hours or an entire day for touring West-Brabant. With an e-chopper, you can ride a maximum of 75 kilometres. And you can discover quite a large part of West-Brabant within that range, all comfortably seated in your saddle.

E-chopper rental

The Solex moped was an indispensable part of the street scene in the Netherlands during the 1950s and 1960s. And Solex hasn’t lost any of its comfort and ease of use since that time. A Solex will allow you to discover the region around Oud Gastel in the most nostalgic way possible.

You can reminisce at 't Veerhuis during a cosy high beer or high wine or a picnic on the go. Perfect for your holiday or a day out. Do something different while feeling the wind blowing through your hair.

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