ByVoorbraak Cherries

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Organic black cherries, hand-picked the tastiest

The cherries you buy at Voorbraak are a true taste sensation. Not for nothing do people sometimes drive an hour to come and buy these cherries. Why is that? Lydia Voorbraak and her team pick the cherries by hand, the cherry trees receive only compost and organic fertilisers and a lot of love goes into them. And you can taste that. Really. Because the cherries are so full of flavour, Lydia uses them to make the tastiest wines, beers, chutneys and jams, but of course you can also just buy a bowl of cherries. During the season, which runs from mid-June into August, you get the cherries from the wall seven days a week. So your hunger for the tastiest cherries can always be satisfied.

Picking cherries in the cherry orchard

During cherry season from June to August, you can pick your own cherries every Sunday

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