Nature reserves

The municipality of Halderberge and its direct surroundings are home to numerous beautiful nature reserves. What makes Halderberge unique is the diversity in landscapes, architectural styles and sights. In Halderberge, sandy grounds and clay meet. As a result, Halderberge has a unique landscape with polders, dikes, rivers, forests and historic peat canals. Nature is always just around the corner in Halderberge, but there’s also a number of very special nature reserves, each with its own story and history. You can walk freely through these nature reserves, as long as you don’t harm nature. You can find a list of areas that are worth visiting below.

Walking routes in Halderberge are listed on the special route page.

Nature reserve ‘Gastels Laag’

This area is home to a beautiful collection of rare plants and various bird species, and is situated right on the seam of Brabant, where higher sandy soils meet low-lying clay soils. So put on your boots and discover the beautiful plants, birds and butterflies.

Nature reserve Pagnevaart

Beautiful hilly area with both deciduous and coniferous woods, attractive lanes, nice plants and a large fen. Nature reserve Pagnevaart is a remnant of an old peat canal. Read more about nature reserve Pagnevaart in Hoeven.

Hoevense Beemden

North of Hoeven lies an oasis of peace: the Hoevense Beemden. It’s an area with a rich history in fighting against water. Traces of peat extraction, reclamation and agriculture are still clearly visible here. There’s an unpaved cycle path that crosses the area.

Arboretum Oudenbosch

This botanical garden contains trees, flowers and plants from Asia, America and Europe. The former cloister garden is perfect for a quiet walk, guided tour or to read a book in silence. The Arboretum Oudenbosch is located in the centre of Oudenbosch, next to the former Broederklooster and within walking distance of the basilica. Read more about the Arboretum here.

Local products

In the Halderberge countryside, you’ll find several business that sell products ‘of the land’. Like tasty fresh (organic) fruits, vegetables and pumpkins.




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