Outdoor Escaperoom West-Brabant

Outdoor Escape Hoeven has two super exciting outdoor escape rooms: Legenda Basilicae and the Peat Cutters, which can be played by both large and small groups. During these escape games, you’re not actually locked up in a room, but solving a mystery in the open air. A real Outdoor Escape Room! Both games are played in the Pagnevaartbos in Hoeven, between Roosendaal and Etten-Leur.

The Peat Cutters

In 1595, the Pagnevaartbos are already mentioned under the name Paedsievaart, Paesievaart and Pagievaert. All variations of the name Spagnevaart, because people believed that an old Spanish warship lay in the earth here. A few hundred years later, a serious attempt was made to find the remains of the ship and to extract peat at the same time. The workers doing this job were called the Peat Cutters ...

One of them was WilleM Hendriks, an elderly worker who was working in the Pagnevaart under very bad conditions. He was told by the foreman that good quality peat was all that mattered, but Willem knew better… Only one thing mattered: the search for valuable treasures and riches from the old Spanish Warship!

One thing was certain, if he were to find anything of value, he would do everything he could to keep it from falling into the hands of those slave drivers!

Legenda Basilicae

The Basilica of Oudenbosch used to be called the St. Agatha church, named after 1 of the 7 primary saints: Agatha of Sicily. Agatha was born in 225 AD and raised as a Christian by her wealthy and prosperous parents. In the year 250 AD, a Roman emperor ordered Claudius Quintianus to persecute all Christians. Including Agatha of Sicily… She was captured and snatched from her husband. Unfortunately, she wasn’t just captured ..
And that’s how the Legenda Basilicae was born… The legend of Agatha, who’s still looking for her one true love. Even after death… But who is this lover? What happened to Agatha’s official marriage certificate? Did Claudius Quintianus destroy it in retaliation? There are people who say they’ve heard a female voice in the Basilica. Inexplicable items have been found near the statue of St. Agatha, of which no one knows what to do with them. There are clues that lead to a specific location nearby ...
In het jaar 250 na Christus werd door een Romeinse keizer opdracht gegeven aan Claudius Quintianus om alle christenen te vervolgen.
Zo ook Agatha van Sicilië… Ze werd gevangen genomen en weggerukt van haar man. Maar helaas bleef het niet bij een gevangenschap alleen.. 

zo is Legenda Basilicae ontstaan… De legende dat Agatha nog altijd op zoek is naar haar ware liefde. Zelfs na haar dood…Maar wie is haar geliefde? Waar is de officiële Trouwakte van Agatha gebleven? Heeft Claudius Quintianus deze als vergelding vernietigd? Er zijn mensen die zeggen een vrouwelijke stem gehoord te hebben in de Basiliek.. Bij het beeld van de Heilige Agatha zijn onverklaarbare spullen gevonden waarvan men niet weet wat ze er mee moeten. Er zijn aanwijzingen die naar een specifieke locatie in de buurt leiden…

Practical information Outdoor Escaperoom Hoeven

Legenda Basilicae is played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 people.
The Peat Cutters is played with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 people.
The Peat Cutters XL is played with a minimum of 16 people.

There are suitable options for playing these outdoor escape games with children.

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